Air sealing and integrity testing is essential to prevent leakage from rooms with gaseous fire suppression systems and ensure their effectiveness.

The use of gaseous fire extinguishing systems to provide protection for computer and plant rooms is essential, given the consequences of fire damage and downtime for such critical equipment. For a fire suppression system to work, the room must be well sealed so the gaseous agent doesn't escape causing the fire to re-ignite.

Room leakage is the prime cause of failure therefore the British and International Standard (BS:ISO14520) requires that an enclosure integrity test (aka room integrity test, fan test, or pressure test) be carried out when a system is installed and re-tested on an annual basis. It may be a requirement of the Clients Insurance Company to revalidate the protection provided to the space.

We utilise professional Retrotec Room Integrity Door Fan Pressure Test equipment which our engineers are all fully trained and certified to use. They have extensive experience in testing all types and sizes of enclosure, from server rooms in offices to intensive care units in hospitals.

In each case we carry out the necessary volumetric calculations prior to the test and use calibrated door mounted test fan systems along with laptops running complaint CA2001 software to determine results immediately upon completion of test.

If the enclosure fails the integrity test because it did not reach the required standard, a detailed inspection will be carried out to identify all major leakages for remedial sealing. A formal report is issued detailing the results together with any recommendations.

Air Sealing