Important notice: It has come to our attention that a company has been fraudulently posing as Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd undertaking various passive works. They are submitting mocked up “fire certification” using our company name and FIRAS accreditation we would therefore, recommend that clients check our status by phoning our office to verify. View fraudulent fire certification.

Fire rated hoardings are often a temporary measure to provide fire rated separation between construction works and members of the public.

As we are licensed Durasteel® installers we are able to undertake the design, supply and installation of hoardings offering fire protection, blast resistance and passenger loadings where required.

Our most regular use of such hoardings is within the London Underground environment where, amongst other uses, we have closed the tracks off from the platforms during station and line closures and have built passenger tunnels to provide safe and clean access for the public whilst construction works are completed.

Steel FramingClosing the central line at Tottenham Court Road - Steel framing prior to installation of Durasteel® boards between the track and the platform.

Fire Rated HoardingSmall fire rated hoarding to protect and prevent the public from accessing certain areas of the station during a partial closure.