Important notice: It has come to our attention that a company has been fraudulently posing as Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd undertaking various passive works. They are submitting mocked up “fire certification” using our company name and FIRAS accreditation we would therefore, recommend that clients check our status by phoning our office to verify. View fraudulent fire certification.

Fire walls are required in many situations to provide compartmentation of a building, protection to escape routes, industrial seperation etc.

Hillmoore are able to offer survey, design, supply and installation of fire walls using a wide variety of materials to provide fire integrity and insulation ratings along with other ratings where required such as thermal and acoustic.

Materials that can be used include plasterboard, Promat Durasteel®, Promat Supalux, Knauf Shaftwall etc.

All walls can be provided with a high level of decorative finish where required.

Fire WallsNew stairwell lobby construction at Culham Science Centre

Video courtesy of the ASFP