Important notice: It has come to our attention that a company has been fraudulently posing as Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd undertaking various passive works. They are submitting mocked up “fire certification” using our company name and FIRAS accreditation we would therefore, recommend that clients check our status by phoning our office to verify. View fraudulent fire certification.

Firestopping solutions prevent services and voids compromising the fire resistance of fire rated walls, floors and soffits.

UK Building Regulations insist on effective compartmentation to prevent the spread of fire within a building, meaning that fire, smoke and gasses remain where they have originated for as long as possible.

By firestopping voids and any services passing through them such as cables, pipes and ductwork etc. we can ensure compliance and effective performance of these structural elements in the event of a fire.

Ablative Coated BattAblative Coated Batt and Intumescent Mastic Installation at the Royal Berkshire Hospital

Video courtesy of the ASFP